Herndon Chiropractor’s: FAQs

Like other Herndon chiropractors & acupuncture doctors, we get a lot of questions from new and existing patients…
What is the science behind chiropractic?
Science tells us that the nervous system controls all body functions. Based on this fact, chiropractic is scientific. Many published studies support chiropractic principles.
What is the education of a chiropractor?
Today’s chiropractors receive an education comparable to medical practitioners. Chiropractic college is a full time five-year course of study, thousands of hours, with three years of pre-chiropractic and basic sciences. Required chiropractic courses include adjusting techniques, anatomy, biochemistry, chiropractic philosophy, chiropractic practice, diagnosis, laboratory, microbiology, nutrition, pathology, physiology, psychology, public health, rehabilitation, x-ray and others.

In Virginia, licensed doctors of chiropractic, medicine, osteopathic and podiatry need at least 200 hours of additional instruction on top of their five-year course of professional study, in the practice of acupuncture

Are chiropractors real doctors?
In the Commonwealth of Virginia, chiropractors are licensed by the Board of Medicine and they also serve on the Board.
Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
By any definition, chiropractic adjustments are safe. Serious injury via chiropractic is nearly nonexistent whereas drugs like aspirin, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen and other pain relievers cause an estimated 3,000 to 16,000 deaths and 75,000 hospitalizations. Another good litmus test to chiropractic safety as compared to medical are the malpractice insurance premiums paid by chiropractors, which are a fraction of medical doctors’ premiums. Chiropractic is a safe form of care.
Do I have to go to the chiropractor forever?
The fact is, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Many folks choose to continue their chiriopractic & acupuncture care on some type of periodic basis for the rest of their lives. Others choose to see us from time to time for episodes of neck or back pain. It’s your choice.
Do I need a referral from my medical doctor?
More and more MD’s are recognizing the value of chiropractic care. You don’t need a referral or permission from anyone to see a chiropractor.
Can chiropractic help children?
Parents report that many childhood health problems resolve with chiropractic care.
Is chiropractic just a placebo?
Chiropractic works even if you don’t believe in it.
Will you crack my spine?
We provide gentle, hands-on adjustments and have modern, comfortable spinal adjusting instruments that allow us to gently adjust your body and release the tension in your muscles and soft tissues with precision without the cracking.
How come you work with children?
As a Herndon, VA chiropractor and acupuncture physician, our mission is to help as many people as possible, especially children. We commonly help improve their immune system function, prevent ear infections, help their ADD/ADHD, sports injuries, digestive problems and more importantly because they have a nervous system and acupuncture meridian system that controls every other system and function in the body, we help them function at optimum.
Will you take my insurance?
We participate with most insurance carriers. Because every policy is different, when you come in to visit us, we will verify your coverage and let you know how yours can work for you in our office. We also have convenient self-pay plans.
Who needs be seen by a chiropractor?
Think of your chiropractor like a dentist who takes care of your spine instead of your teeth. spine.

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