Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen when you least expect them!
Just because your car wasn't hurt badly in an accident doesn't mean you weren't.

Just because your car wasn’t hurt badly in an accident doesn’t mean you weren’t.

You’re Jolted Back and Forth.

You hear and feel the crash. The average car weighs about 4,000 pounds. That’s a lot of mass delivering tremendous forces into your delicate body. These traumatic forces often impact your brain, spine, discs, ligaments, muscles, joints and nerves. While you are concerned about your vehicle, your body may be a much more important consideration.

After the Accident

After the accident, you may feel disoriented and even pain. You may feel nothing at first. But the fact remains. Serious damage has most likely occurred. You may go to the emergency room, have x-rays, be given muscle relaxants and pain relievers and discharged if no bones are broken. That doesn’t mean you’re okay, especially if you find the next morning or over the next few days or weeks you feel like you’ve been hit by a train.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

That’s because the muscles, ligaments and nerves in those areas have been overstretched and micro-torn by the trauma of the accident, even to the point where pain and numbness radiates into your arms, hands and fingers.

Headaches, Dizziness and Anxiety

The brain can be impacted inside the skull during a car accident, just like a football player when he receives a concussion.

Time to Call the Chiropractor

Chiropractors specialize in helping people involved in car accidents naturally, without drugs. Our professional expertise is in bones, joints, soft tissues and spinal alignment. We know how to help. Oftentimes, car accident patients experience significant relief under our care, even weeks, months or years after the accident has occurred. Delaying care can increase the incidence of long-term back and neck problems and recovery. Chiropractors also know how to work with insurance companies and attorneys so that your care and recovery progress in the most professional and timely manner.

If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call today.

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