I don’t remember everything from my Baltimore childhood, but I do remember music and songs from a very young age.

I remember when I was about four, there was a hit song on the radio by the Kingston Trio, “Tom Dooley”. The main line was, “Hang down your head, Tom Dooley… Poor boy, you’re bound to die.” Youtube Song Link: Tom Dooley

But what’s that got to do with health? It seems that these days, most everyone’s hanging their heads down texting. Science has shown that this can certainly cause serious back, neck, headache and pinched nerve problems.

A word of wellness advice, your spine and the people you are with are more important than your phone.

Remember to keep your chin up and be present with your friends and family, not hung down in your device. In this way, “Tom Dooley, rich boy, your bound to live”!